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Going on a Cruise? What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

Posted by on Jun 10, 2015 in Accidents at Sea

A leisurely cruise across a beautiful coast line, setting out to sea and away from all the hubbub of metropolitan life can seem like the ultimate getaway. Most of the time, it is. After all, cruise liners are bound to a certain standard to ensure both the good time of their passengers as well as their safety from everything both outside and inside the boat. So if you’re going on a cruise – what’s the worst that could happen?

Unfortunately, if there are crew on board who so happen to be negligent, the worst could prove devastating to not just the direct victim but also the victim’s family. For example, if the ship was out at sea and there was a medical emergency on board, the ship is mandated to have licensed and experienced medical practitioners as well as sufficient facilities as well as necessary materials in order to treat the given ailment.

Say the patient was having a heart attack and the crew failed to act in time, causing the passenger to die due to cardiac arrest. Or, perhaps, there was a sudden allergic reaction while en route to the next destination and the medical practitioner on board performed a procedure without the informed consent of the patient, resulting into catastrophic and incurable results. These could seem like hypothetical cases – things that could only ever happen in movies or books – but these are actual, proper circumstances that had occurred before and having to suffer through them can be some of the most traumatizing events of a person’s life. For something that should have been an ideal vacation – surrounded by sea and sunlight and tranquility – to turn into such a horrible disaster is something that can happen.

Thankfully, you do have certain rights whilst aboard a cruise ship – and these rights do so happen to protect you from medical crew negligence on a cruise ship. That is why if you or someone you know should ever experience something so terrible, it is recommended that legal help is contacted at once in order to avoid any other unexpected tragedies.

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Injury Can be Inevitable but Should be Avoidable

Posted by on Jun 9, 2015 in Personal Injuries

In this world, trouble is all but inevitable. Sometimes, however, they are – and they should have been – avoidable. When there is fault to be found in someone else, they need to be made accountable to the damage that their deed has done. There have been certain instances wherein the pain suffered was due to the lack of action or negligence of a given party – and this can be done either out of ignorance or willfully done, the guilty party is still legally responsible for it.

Circumstances that best embody this legal system is that concerning personal injury. According to the website of the Goings Law Firm, LLC, the consequences that a situation like this can do to a person is beyond catastrophic in only one sense of the word. Beyond the physical injuries are the chance for there to be financial repercussions, thanks to medical procedures needed to be done as well as necessities required in order to ensure the best kind of recovery available.

It can get quite complicated, however, as every situation is different. As a result of the rather broad sphere that personal injury can cover, there are several subsets underneath this branch of the law in order to cover the most common types of injury. Some of these subsets include such things like car accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, insurance bad faith, among many others.

Some attorneys are better equipped to handle cases of a certain nature due to their experience. That is why it is a recommended course of action to first contact a Columbia personal injury attorney if you feel that you have been put into a situation that merits legal action in the leagues of personal injury. It can be an incredibly difficult time for the victim of an incident of this nature but that is why it is all the most important for help who already has the knowhow and resources available to be sought instead of just grasping at shadows in the dark.

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How Hard is it To Live with Disabilities?

Posted by on Jun 7, 2015 in Social Security

Living is difficult enough as it is when you’re, by all technical definitions, a regular human being. Regular human being meaning, perhaps, that you have the normal cognitive processing power as well as control over your own body. Philosophical queries can discuss this subject matter in a more in-depth fashion but for all intents and purposes, a human being is just a person who has the capability to function day-to-day activities without personal hindrances, may they be physical or mental.

Some people, however, don’t always have that luxury of perceived normalcy. Some people are born disabled and some people are made disabled after an injury of some kind. Incidents that can cause such trauma can cause either permanent or temporary disability. Either way, this will have direct consequences upon the effectiveness of the person and cannot be expected to perform or cope in the same caliber as those who are not disabled.

Disabled people may learn to overcome their disabilities and end up being able to function admirably but these situations are such that are learned and honed for much longer than they should have been. Things like walking or writing can be monumentally huge things to learn for, say, a person who was not born with legs or suddenly had to have them amputated or some other reason. It is because of these added hindrances that have been brought on by circumstances that they did not ask for that they are owed Social Security benefits, in order to make their lives somewhat easier as well as give them ample more time and space to rediscover themselves, their strengths, and to live with their given disability.

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Was Your Motor Vehicle Accident Due to a Defect?

Posted by on Jun 6, 2015 in Motor Vehicle Collisions, Personal Injuries

Traveling by motor vehicle is pretty much inevitable in this day and age. For many people, it’s the only way to get by these days – whether it’s by a privately owned vehicle that you own or commuting by public transport. And the metal contraptions that are motor vehicles are growing increasingly more complicated in the attempt to make them more user-friendly. For such a complicated piece of technology with advanced machinery to be controlled by simple machinations requires a sophisticated, refined design that is tested for all faults and defects before mass production.

Quite a number of motor vehicle-related accidents are actually caused by defects from the manufacturing stage. Things about the motor vehicle’s design, such as the seat belt and the airbag, can be the cause for severe injury or even death.

It can be one of the worst ironic cruelties of this world: for a life to be ended by something that was supposed to protect it from harm. Seeking legal help may not be the first thing that a victim of an accident may think of, due to the trauma of the incident. However, if legal action and help is not sought within a given time frame, there is the chance that the manufacturer or insurance company to which the car was tied to could withhold financial compensation for one reason or another. Greenfield car accident lawyers can provide assistance with navigating through this process.

It is then the most important course of action that professional help is contacted immediately. Lawyers who dabble with these kinds of cases are not just tied to court work. It’s best to find an experienced car accident lawyer who’s experienced in circumstances like these and equipped with better resources and could allow for the victims to receive only the best kind of treatments for their injuries as well as secure the best possible deal from the situation in order to benefit the victim of the accident.

Large companies such as motor vehicle manufacturers need to be made accountable for the effects that their defective stock could inflict upon their consumers, after all, and this can only be done if the victim takes the initiative to fight back.

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All’s Fair in Love and War – and The Labor Force is a Little Bit of Both

Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in Workplace Laws

Love or hate your job, wages are one of the primary driving factors as to why people seek employment in the first place. It is necessary for most people, after all, to toil in their sweat and blood in order to put food on the table. However, recent economic developments have made it more difficult for some workers to be in a state of financial security. This kind of situation can make people tolerate unfair wages in fear that they might lose their job, therefore losing their primary source of income.

Desperation need not be nor should it be a reason for a person to disregard their rights. There are several federal and state laws that are in action that protect the rights of workers everywhere. For example, people who work an excess of 40 work hours in a week are then warranted to earn their overtime pay. There have been certain cases wherein the employers unlawfully withhold these wages for whatever reason and the employees might opt to say nothing despite knowing what it is they’re owed.

It is because of instances like that that has alerted the demand for professional legal assistance in this area. Some people are left unaware to their rights as employees within the legal responsibility of America. Even people who are in the United States without the proper documentation are still warranted the right to overtime wages. However, it is understandably intimidating to be able to file a case against an employer, especially if the company you work for has a name and brand that is known to have a lot of resources.

If you believe you have a case against your employer for unpaid wages, it is advisable that you consider speaking with a New York overtime attorney in order to know the best course of action to take.

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